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Last 48 + Hours

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have made it safe to Australia. The last 48+ hours have been exhausting. My flights all went well and only one delay which was in Auckland. My back survived with the help of some medication! As for my flights the Air New Zealand seats were a bit more comfortable then the typical airplane seats but the leg room was about the same (Ugh). The one good thing about Air New Zealand is that the seats really recline which was nice. Also, everyone had their own tv to watch tv shows, movies, play games and so forth. I also had dinner and breakfast on the plane. It wasn't too bad....I am glad that I ate in LA before I left. Well I have lots to post but I need to go eat some dinner. I will write more soon.

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Air New Zealand Lounge

Since I am spending about 10 hours in the lovely Los Angeles Airport I decided to pay 55 dollars to get entrance into the Air New Zealand Club. Let me tell you this is the best 55 dollars I have ever spent. Seriously! I feel almost like I am in a zen type spa and that someone is going to ask me if I want a seaweed wrap or a facial at any minute. I wish my friend Leah was with me because they have some tasty sushi available. Everything is free once you pay the entrance fee. The lounge have these cool blinds that automatically go down when the sun is on them and when the sun goes down the blinds go back up. Also, staff walks around with appetizers and then you can help yourself to the open bar and make yourself a drink. I must say I did have one glass of wine which is just what I needed since this is going to be such a long day. They have food setup to eat whenever you are hungry....did I mention the yummy sushi??? They also have showers to freshen up....which I think I might need to do since I have been up since 4 AM EST.
I also made a friend his name is Matthew and he works here in the lounge. He is actually from New Zealand and works the front desk here at the lounge. I could sit here and listen to him talk for hours. The one thing though he is a Chargers fan and I told him that I wouldn't hold that against him.

Other than Matthew I haven't made any friends! I do think I am the only American in the lounge because everyone is either speaking a different language or has a strong Aussie/New Zealand accent.

Thus far my plane is only delayed 30 minutes. Well I will try to write sometime on Friday at some point since I miss Thursday completely.

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Breaking News

sunny 59 °F

For the first time in FOREVER I actually had an entire row to myself on the plane from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. I first thought this cannot possibly be true……I know how my luck is (I am the unluckiest Irish girl there is) and I figured someone would board the plane late and would more than likely be in my row. NOPE. So I took full advantage and got to stretch across the seats during the trip and take a much needed nap. The other strange thing about this flight was that it was so quiet it was almost like being in a school library. So it was nice and peaceful for once. This sort of bummed me out because I wanted to try my new noise cancelling headphones. Fingers crossed I have this kind of luck on my flight with Air New Zealand from LA to Auckland. Now that would be heaven. I won’t get my hopes up though.

When I arrived at LAX I asked a USAIR agent if I could go check in at Air New Zealand and they told me that I could because they open up at 10:30. My first mistake was actually believing what the USAir agent told me. I made my way downt to ticketing to check into Air New Zealand and to my suprise nobody was working. Ugh. So now I am just sitting in Starbucks people watching which has been very entertaining. I can check into Air New Zealand at 1:00 PM which is only in another hour. Then I am hopefully heading to the Air New Zealand Club to relax.

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Goodbye Pittsburgh!

I am off! I will spend a fabulous Wednesday at the Los Angeles airport, fly through the night and arrive in Auckland New Zealand for a short layover Friday morning. From Auckland I will head to the land of Oz and arrive in Brisbane Australia around 9:30 AM which will be around 6:30 PM on Thursday evening in Pittsburgh (don't worry mom and dad I will call you when I land). I will actually miss Thursday completely the date line is a funny thing.

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Getting ready for my long journey!


Hello and welcome to my blog! I will post here to let everyone know what I am up to in the land of Oz (Australia) and my adventures with the Kiwi's (New Zealand).

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