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Weekend in Australia - Part 2

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Sunday I did the most amazing thing I went to Springbrook National Park which is part of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia. I had to walk to another hotel just up the street to get picked up. We left Brisbane around 7:30 and headed out towards the Gold Coast to pick up some other people for the tour. The park is about a 1 ½ hours from Brisbane. Once we got into the park we stopped to have tea before our long walk. I think Aussie's are bing on breaking for tea and cookies. I do not understand drinking hot beverages when it is so hot outside but I went along with it anyway.

We headed on our long walk into the rainforest. My tour guide Nevel the very first thing he talked about were all the poisonous plants and animals in the rainforest. He showed us a leaf that has little needles on the one side of it. If you accidentally touch the leaf you will have sharp pain for about a year where the leaf touched you on your skin. He also talked about the many poisonous snakes and spiders that we might come across. One of the most deadly snakes is the red-bellied black snake. If the snake happens to bite you, you have about an hour to live if you do not get treatment right away. Another deadly snake is the brown snake and this snake is the second most venomous snake in the world. The brown snake is very aggressive. If this snake bites you; you have only about 30 minutes to live without treatment. Nevel told me that 3 people died last year from snake bites in Australia. I was very careful what I was touching and what was around me at all times on this tour. Luckily I did not have the opportunity to see one of these snakes.

This park has many cliffs and waterfalls. We walked about 7 miles on the walking tracks throughout the park.
I took so many pictures today that I cannot include them all. The waterfalls in this park are simply breathtaking….the pictures do not do it justice. So here are just a few I picked out. Enjoy.
I had the opportunity to feed some birds. Which for me is huge……my mom’s side of the family has this fear of birds for some reason….I am not afraid of them I just don’t like them. The birds really seemed to like me because they kept flying around me for some reason. I had one sitting on my head but a girl on the tour with me couldn’t get a picture in time. I just wanted the thing off of me so it wouldn’t poop in my hair.
At the end of the day we went into a glow worm cave. We were not allowed to take pictures of the glow worms because it would disturb them. Basically when looking at the glow worms it almost looks like a bunch of bright stars. The glow in the worms is produced from an organ which I was told is equivalent to a human kidney. A female glow worm produces 130 worms and it takes 10 days for the glow worms to hatch the female glow worm will then die shortly after. In caves the insects light up at any time of the day or night. Outdoor glow-worms start glowing shortly after dark and usually shine all night.

Before we headed back into Brisbane we stopped at a fudge store. I of course got two pieces of fudge I couldn’t resist. I must say today was an amazing day walking in the rainforest.

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This looks awesome! It looks like you've done & seen more in the past few days than I have in the last six months!

by degori17

So many risk involved - I am surprised you did not run through the entire rainforest! The waterfalls are awesome - I LOVE WATERFALLS! Have fun!

by Lee Lewis

Kari you have been pregnant. You will make up for it I am sure. Wish you could have came with me. I will call you soon.

Lee....tell me about it with my luck I should have ran through the entire rainforest. I so need to come back here. I have seen a few Marriotts in the area....even on the Gold Coast. Get on it.

by hmccurdy

I love the way the tour guide started off. After that introduction, I'm surprised anyone stayed. I'm proud of you. Thanks for the great pictures. I'm really enjoying this.

by Jen56

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